Gurmukhi Writing Practice Workbook


Learning Objective:

The student will be able to form each of the 40 Gurmukhi letters correctly.

The Gurmukhi Alphabet Writing Practice Workbook is created for children of 4 years and above. The 90 page workbook is designed to give the student practice in writing the Gurmukhi letters.

Gurmukhi Writing Practice Workbook Format
The format for each of the Gurmukhi letters is the same throughout the workbook. For each Gurmukhi letter an A4 page of dotted letters is given followed by a blank page. The student can trace over the dotted letters to practice writing them. The blank page provides the student with an opportunity to practice writing the letter independently.

It is important that the student is shown, by a parent or teacher, the correct letter formation for each of the Gurmukhi letters before the student begins to practice writing each letter.

Separate letter pages can be printed from this workbook of the Gurmukhi letters that the student may need extra practice in writing.