Gurmukhi Alphabet Flashcards


The Sikh Student Learning Gurmukhi Printable Alphabet Flashcards can be cut and used in a number of ways:
1. Gurmukhi letters only.
2. Gurmukhi letters with words and pictures.
3. Match the Gurmukhi letter with the word and picture.
4. Arrange the Gurmukhi letters in order.

Learning Objectives
The student will be able to:
1. Name the forty Gurmukhi letters.
2. Match the sounds to the corresponding Gurmukhi letters.

Gurmukhi Alphabet
The alphabet of any language is the foundation for language development. To be able to read and write Panjabi mastery of the Gurmukhi alphabet is essential. The Gurmukhi alphabet has 40 letters – more recently, an extra letter L was introduced but it has not become popular and will therefore not be included in the Sikh Student Learning resources. The first step to being able to read and write Panjabi is to learn and memorize the name and sound of each of the forty Gurmukhi letters.